How to Bet Basketball

Basketball is one of the easiest sports for a person to bet on. There is a point spread in basketball as well as over and under bets. If a person knows how to bet on football they will find that betting on basketball is very similar.

When betting on basketball a person will usually have to bet on a point spread. When betting the team that is predicted to win,it will be referred to as the favorite. This team may give up lays or points to the team that is expected to lose for betting reasons.
For example in a game where the Lakers are playing the Heat and the Lakers are picked to win they will have a point spread of 10. This means they are the 10 point favorite. They are giving 10 points when betting. In order for a person to win the Lakers must win by 11 points or the Heat will have to lose the game by nine points or less. If the Lakers win by 10 points there is no exchange of money.
Betters often bet a 11 to 10 odds meaning that a person has to risk $11 in order to win $10. This is how bookies make most of their money. Many people do not realize this when betting.


Betting over / under is very popular is basketball. A person will bet on how many points in total they think will be scored in the game. They will need to predict if the score will be over or under this amount. For example is the over/ under is 188 a person would have to bet the score would be 189 or greater or 187 or lower to win. If the score is 188 they do not win or lose money.

Money Line Bets

A person will bet which team will win the game without the use of a point spread. A person will often spend more money on the bet than they win. An example of this would be if the Lakers -300 and the Heat +240. If the Lakers win and a person would have had to have placed a $30 bet and will only win $10. If a person put $10 on the Heat they will end up winning $24. When placing this type of bet too many people often bet on the favorite and end up losing money.

Teasers and Parlays

A player has to correctly pick the winner of at least two games. When betting parlay a person can bet using a point spread or a money line. Teasers are used with a point spread. A person must be correct on all games in order to win. Even if they pick the correct winner for five out of six games they still lose.
While betting on basketball can be a lot of fun, a person should know their bets. They need to make sure they are placing a bet where they can win money and will not be at a loss even if their team wins.