Advanced Basketball Betting

Advanced Perspectives In Basketball BettingĀ 

Betting on basketball is quite a complicated process because you are betting on teams who fluctuate. Basketball teams are changing the minutes they give their players, the scope of their offense and their schedule plays into the performance. There are a few principles that may be used during betting, and each one is explained in detail below. There are different teams that may be good plays today and bad plays tomorrow, and every bettor must ensure they have considered their options before wagering their own money.

#1: Basketball Teams Change Often

Basketball teams change often because their minutes and rosters are adjusting to the situation, other teams and the arena. A basketball team without much talent is a poor bet unless they have a good match-up, and a team with talent will have more than enough people on the roster to accompany a game plan. Betting on a team with talent is simpler than betting on a team that lacks talent, and checking match-ups will be the next step in the process.

#2: Match-ups From Game To Game

Teams do not match up with all their opponents equally, and a bettor who checks their match-ups will see combinations of players that favor one team over another. The team with the favorable match-ups will perform well on any given night, and they may lose the next night because the match-ups are terrible. Checking the roster and team stats before placing a bet prevents the gambler from losing their money due to a lack of research.

#3: How Far Did The Team Travel?

Travel plays quite a large role in the performance of a team because they must travel long distances to play games quickly. There are no series in basketball, and a team that covers several time zones will be tired by the time their trip is over. They may land and play, and their game will be off because they have been traveling for hours at a time.

#4: Who Has The Hot Hand?

A team that fields a player with the hot hand will play extremely well because they have the hot player on their side. Players such as Jeremy Lin have become stars because they had the hot hand for a few weeks, and they win more often than not. Betting against the player with momentum is often a poor choice. The bettor can see how many points will be scored, and they will see which team has the advantage.

#5: Betting The Spread Or The Points

Betting against the spread in basketball is too complicated for most bettors because the point spread is hard to judge. A team may gut out a win near the end of the game even though they dominated the whole game, not cover the spread and lose money for people who bet on them. Betting the points will help the gambler pick an easy number. Over and under the point total offered by the casinos is an easier bet, and it prevents the bettor from choosing blind. They know if both teams can score that many points.

Betting on basketball requires research that is often not done by the casual gambler. The gambler who takes an extra few moments to research the teams and games will make more money on average, and they will avoid bad bets that sneak up on casual gamblers. Research may be completed by the gambler who knows the game using online sources, and the sports sites that carry information about each team become their stomping ground. Numbers and lineups never lie when betting on a basketball game.